The most eco-friendly straws for your bar: 100% straw. nothing else.

The one and only ingredient of our straws is... wheat straw. The natural structure of this plant stem keeps it strong and solid for days in liquid. It's perfect for soft drinks, cocktails and juices. The authentic and natural shine makes every drinking experience softer and special. 

Now: up to 46% lower prices and cheaper than paper straws!

Why you should choose our straw straws

Strong + Sustainable.

100% natural. Your drinks will look immediately eco-friendly.

Stronger than paper straws. Our straws don't get soggy, so they'll last almost forever in your drink.

Softer than plastic straws. With their natural structure, our straws feel soft and smooth while you drink.

Super compostable. PLA and sugar cane straws need industrial installations to biodegrade. Our straws just need nature.

Gluten free. Gluten is found in the seeds of cereal grains. As we only use the stem of the plant with no seeds, our straws are safe to use.


How our journey started

As a group of divers and environmentalists, we care a lot about our oceans and marine life. Seeing the effects of plastic pollution on our planet, as a result of our consumption and production behaviour, motivates us to seek for the best solutions. We do not only believe, but we act from the source.


6-packs are friendly for your wallet! Wheat straws, 3 sizes:

1-Pack | Eco-Friendly Bio Straws

Straw by Straw

1-Pack | Eco-Friendly Bio Straws

€ 9,99
€ 21,75

Buy bulk, get discount!

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