Natural. Strong. Biodegradable.

Straws made of 100% actual... Straw

Straw by Straw is not just another alternative to plastic straws.

We fight against plastic pollution with agricultural waste. Our straws are 100% natural, therefore biodegradable and perfectly home compostable. Available for anyone who is looking for sustainable alternatives of plastics.

100% designed by nature, Straw Straws are eco friendly. Beautiful. Natural. Present your drinks in an organic way. Light. Strong. Chic. Becoming plastic free is easier than you think.

Dry Stalks
of Cereal Plants


Our drinking straws are the bottom of cereal plants. After the cereal harvest that take place every year, the remaining straws are handcut and then cleaned so they are ready to be served in your drinks, cocktails and juices!

Your drinks will look gorgeously organic

With our straw straws, you do not have to explain your guests that this is NOT a plastic straw. Because from the first sight, your drinks will look amazing, natural and eco friendly.

From the diameters that differ of every straw to the brittle structure, every straw is authentic because they grow like this in nature. 

They might break when one bites or squeezes, but that highlights the natural structure even more. Because plastic straws NEVER biodegrade...

Nutrients for the Earth

Because they are 100% natural and therefore biodegradable, ending up in the environment is harmless.

Instead they serve as nutrients for the Earth. This way, we turn agricultural waste into value by fighting against plastic pollution.


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100% natural Straws

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Biodegradable Eco Friendly Straws for Home


Biodegradable Eco Friendly Straws for Home

Straws made of real straw! These 100% natural drinking straws are perfect for your juices, cocktails and cold drinks.
Size: 20 cm
Diameter: varies between 3 - 7 mm
Content: 50 straws per pack
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